Online and Digital Brand Monitoring

The digital world is more diverse than ever, creating new identifiers for your business to reach customers, such as social media, domain names and mobile apps. These new opportunities, however, can leave you vulnerable to threats, like cybersquatting, counterfeiting and phishing, effectively diluting your company’s digital brand equity. Luckily, advances in monitoring technology continue to increase the ability of diligent trademark owners to police their marks online. Syngience’s established tools and customer-friendly service deliver comprehensive monitoring solutions for your trademarks for the 21st century. Notifications are delivered via email and/or online portal.

  • Domain Name Watch
  • Social Media Watch
  • Website Content Watch
  • Website Content Modification Watch
  • Web Logo Watch
  • Marketplace Watch
  • Mobile Apps Watch
  • Adwords Watch
  • Baidu Watch
  • Third-Party Use Audits