Additional Services

Applicant/Ownership Watch

The Applicant and Ownership Watch alerts you to the trademark applications filed by your competitors, or to monitor your own applications. This service is also an effective tool to monitor the work entrusted to your global network of agents vis-à-vis the filing instructions you have given them.

Custom Applicant/Ownership Watch

This custom watch allows you to monitor your competitors’ trademark applications or your own applications in specific jurisdictions or regional packages.

Class Watch

Our Class Watch alerts you of every single application published in a specific class.
Reports can be generated with traditional individual watch notices or with reports delivered via spreadsheets. Pricing is determined by the required class coverage.

Color Watch

The Color Watch alerts you to applications published in a specific color. Subscribers can watch individual colors, or applications filed in up to three colors. The service can alert you to any record published in the covered color, or, if a more focused watch is required, to a specific product and color such as “red shoes”. Approximately 80% of the jurisdictions covered by our International Watch currently publish applications in color and are covered by the service.